‘Sure I like you but that’s about it”

“Forget about the number of fans or “likes” your organization’s Facebook page has. It’s what the organization is doing to keep those fans engaged that is important, especially if those fans comprise the “Millennials” – individuals who are 18 to 29 years old.”  Read the rest of this article – it makes sense! http://ht.ly/aoa6B


This guy writes…

This guy writes an interesting article on social media which is really a great summary of basic marketing principles in any channel. It’s called “Here’s What I Believe” and lists 17 beliefs about marketing and social media that are spot on.  First belief: …that companies need to stop focusing on the tools, and start focusing on the connections that the tools help facilitate.  It’s not about understanding Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it’s about understanding customer behavior.”  Read his thoughts – it’s worth your time!  http://www.mackcollier.com/heres-what-i-believe/

Financial Institutions may be OK Ignoring Social Media – Here’s Why

Check out this article on social media and financial institutions, and how you may not need to jump on the bandwagon.  The author takes an interesting position that is worth reading.  http://thefinancialbrand.com/22087/cicero-social-media-finance-survey/