Advice for small businesses just starting in social media

Here’s an interesting article on how you can support your small business customers as they think through their approach to social media.  It’s also a great overview for your own financial institution’s planning.  I especially like how the author asks you to think strategically about social media and to set your expectations for the long-term impact.


The best day and time to post on Facebook.

Did you know that the day and time something is posted affects the eventual amount of attention it will receive?  Here’s a study by bitly blog that provides the best of both for Facebook, Twitter and Tumbir.  Time your posts with their recommendations for maximum exposure.

What you may not know about Facebook contests and promotions

Are you doing or thinking about doing a contest or promotion on Facebook – have you seen their rulebook yet?  I was amazed at how restrictive their rules are – especially about asking people to “Like” you. For example, “You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.”  Check out this link and discussion and decide if you will follow the rules, or ignore them and run the risk of getting your Facebook page shut down.