Thoughts on Delivering Customer Service Through Twitter and Facebook

Thoughtful article on the one benefit of social media everyone else seems to agree on – the use of a financial institution’s Facebook or Twitter accounts to respond to customer feedback.  

This author is not on board, stating “using social media as a customer service tool could be likened to putting a problem resolution desk in the middle of your town square. Set up the desk, hook up some loudspeakers, and broadcast every customer’s beef to everyone within earshot.”  The author provides actual responses from banks which pretty much tell the customer to call the bank’s customer service department – which just irritates the customer all over again as they want answers, not another step to resolution.

Now supporters of using these channels will say what you say in response to a comment is key – and the samples the author provides are just poor responses.  So take a look at how you respond to customer comments, and think about it from the customer as well as their friends’ perspective.  What you say and how you say it is critical – and should reinforce how you want all readers to think about your institution.


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