Results of Financial Insititution Testing of Pinterest.

Have you thought about using Pinterest for your financial institution?  A few of the bigger players including Citi, American Express and USAA have done some interesting testing of the engagement and effectiveness of this media.   Based on their results I agree with the author of this article that Pinterest is a not a good match for financial institutions at this time.  Have you used Pinterest?  We’d love to hear about your experience.


Can You Really Calculate the Value of a Like?

You decide.  HubSpot thinks they have devised a formula to calculate what a Facebook Like is worth to you.  It includes counting your likes, unlikes, posts/day, clicks and conversion rates – here’s a link to the formula:   There’s also an interesting Harvard Business Review blog that presents the calculation, why they think it makes sense and how it works.  Don’t forget to scroll down and read the comments from readers – they offer some colorful arguments for and against the calculation.