Where are the Online Conversations About Banking Taking Place?

Here’s a free and comprehensive report by HubSpot to help you understand where the online conversation is happening in banking, as well as 32 other industries.  It’s an interesting resource and can help you think through your next steps in developing your social media strategy.   HubSpot tracked and analyzed keywords that describe 33 industries to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Where do your customers talk online – search engines, blogs, or social media?
  • Which social media sites do your customers use the most?
  • Where is the greatest online competition in your industry?
  • Where is your greatest opportunity to leverage the Internet to generate new business?

Any surprises in the results?    http://www.hubspot.com/online-marketing-opportunity-by-industry/


Best Social Tactics to Drive Engagement

If you’ve been following my post you know how critical engagement is to the effectiveness of your social media efforts. eMarketer just posted the results of a February 2013 study by Ascend2 that shares what marketers around the world say are the most effective tactics to drive engagement.    Interestingly, “the top three most effective social marketing tactics were also the most difficult tactics to execute.”  Read the article and find out the most effective tactics – do you agree with these findings?


Simple Fixes For Your Social Media

The Financial Brand audited 600 financial institutions and found that 20% had at least one glaring and easy to fix glitch in their social media activities.  The errors they found are described as ridiculously simple:  “busted links, links to abandoned accounts, incomplete and empty profile information — an array of simple and obvious mistakes that could (and should) have been fixed long ago.”   I recommend that you audit your institution’s social media use and look for the common errors in the attached article.   Find out if you’re one of the 80% in the clear – please let me know what you find out! http://thefinancialbrand.com/28298/7-ridiculously-simple-social-media-fixes-for-financial-marketers/