Advice For Business Bloggers

You have probably heard that when reading online your eyes follow an F pattern, and how that’s different from the inverted triangle used in print media. Here’s a great article from HubSpot on the many different formats you may consider using for your business blog, and why they are effective.  So which format do you like best?


A Checklist for Optimizing Your Facebook Site

Here’s a valuable checklist from the Social Media Examiner to evaluate your Facebook site and make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers.  Worth reviewing if you have or are building a site.

Rude Pinkies and Social Media

Today’s article  is from HubSpot and is about etiquette in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – practical words of wisdom on how you and your institution should conduct yourself on these social channels and the things you should not do.  It will help you think through how your behavior affects your fans and followers, and the positive emotions good manners evoke.    Read the article and let me know if you think these rules make sense.—ZvZn-eXPjs6LPUIhIiaPnFJHLauwK6OhSQGWDUfmqh_IAtLrNUuahfCMdvlmFqV7qK8HcN4lS-fqbhREIEADYf-bDrELxGSgqJgn5Yk7HawmeIo&_hsmi=8453218

Oh – and according to Emily Post keeping your pinkie in the air while drinking tea is actually quite rude – good to know for your next tea party!