Words to Use and Avoid in Your Email Subject Lines

If you do email campaigns you know how important your subject line copy is to motivating a reader to open your email.   MarketingProfs just published the results of an analysis by Adestra, providing the best and worst words to use in your subject line.  Adestra analyzed a random sample of over 90,000 email campaigns, each with a list size of at least 5,000 subscribers, for a total of over 2 billion emails.  Here’s the summary report: http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2013/11228/the-most-effective-keywords-in-email-subject-lines?adref=nlt072213 and the registration page for the full study: http://www.adestra.com/resources/reports/adestra-subject-line-analysis-report-2013/.  So what words surprised you?


One Comment on “Words to Use and Avoid in Your Email Subject Lines”

  1. Gene Morton says:

    Loren: Thank you for this helpful piece of information. The big surprise for me was how “book” was a turnoff, had lower click rates. Thanks for finding this stuff and passing it along.

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