LinkedIn accused of using your contacts for promotional emails

LinkedIn is being sued for tapping into members’ contact lists and sending promotional emails to your contacts. The plaintiffs claim LinkedIn does this when your external email is open and you sign up for their “grow your network on LinkedIn” offer. It’s not clear that LinkedIn is denying they do this from this article from ars technica – what do you think?


7 Types of Facebook Fans and How to Make the Most of Them

This article by AllFacebook shares ReachLocal’s  7 types of social media fans, the challenges in engaging them, and how to effectively connect with each type.   A quick and easy guide to help boost your fans’ engagement, especially in Facebook.   Read the article and ask yourself – what types of fans does my page attract and are we connecting with them in the most effective way possible?

7 Best Practices for Success In Social Media

Andera has compiled a list of 7 best practices that your financial institution should do to be successful in social media, although they really apply to any industry.  As with many of these advice articles, the author stresses defining your goals, strategies and commitment to keep it fresh.  It’s worth reading  for the rest of the best practices though, as well as the details shared.    Which best practice do you struggle with the most?

Words to Use and Avoid in Your Email Subject Lines

If you do email campaigns you know how important your subject line copy is to motivating a reader to open your email.   MarketingProfs just published the results of an analysis by Adestra, providing the best and worst words to use in your subject line.  Adestra analyzed a random sample of over 90,000 email campaigns, each with a list size of at least 5,000 subscribers, for a total of over 2 billion emails.  Here’s the summary report: and the registration page for the full study:  So what words surprised you?

Top 50 Community Bank Leaders in Social Media

The ICBA recently published a list of the top 50 community bank leaders in social media, based on number of fans or followers, engagement, and content and frequency of posts.  Take a look at who they think excels at social media – and let me know who you think does the best job:

Advice For Business Bloggers

You have probably heard that when reading online your eyes follow an F pattern, and how that’s different from the inverted triangle used in print media. Here’s a great article from HubSpot on the many different formats you may consider using for your business blog, and why they are effective.  So which format do you like best?

A Checklist for Optimizing Your Facebook Site

Here’s a valuable checklist from the Social Media Examiner to evaluate your Facebook site and make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers.  Worth reviewing if you have or are building a site.