The Basics of Pinterest – does it have a role in your marketing?

If you’ve been wondering what Pinterest is all about and if it is relevant for your institution then this article will be of interest to you:  It succinctly describes what it is, why people like it, who is using it (affluent 18-35 year old women), what brands use it and what this firm recommends for financial institutions.  Is your financial institution pinning yet? 


Using Facebook to screen new hires

Have you thought about reviewing a candidate’s Facebook page before you hire them?  Apparently some firms do, and actually use the candidate’s password to get full access to their Facebook page to screen for risky behavior that may impact future job performance.  A good source of information or too intrusive – what do you think?  .

Pricing Loans Using Facebook and LinkedIn

What an interesting concept – using the information people post on their Facebook page to evaluate credit risk, verify application information and help in skip tracing.  And if someone has the potential to refer others to the bank, they may also get a better rate on their loan.  Read the full article:

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